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Chicago's Newest Attraction

Opening Spring 2024

Experience the Ultimate Flying Ride

In 2024, the ultimate flying ride is coming to Chicago’s historic Navy Pier. FlyOver uses state-of-the-art technology to give you the feeling of flight and showcases incredible landscapes like you’ve never seen before.

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Hang suspended, feet dangling, before a 65-foot-wide spherical screen while our film whisks you away on an exhilarating journey across land, sea and sky — all set to a captivating musical score.

Engineered to swoop, dip and turn — giving you the true feeling of flight.

Our 65-foot-wide spherical screen surrounds you and puts you right into the action.

You won’t just see these incredible places. Through special effects you’ll feel them, too.

Unique scents are used to transport you to the iconic locations in the films for a fully immersive experience.

Navy Pier

Coming to Chicago’s Historic Navy Pier

Modeled after highly successful FlyOver attractions in Las Vegas, Canada and Iceland, this is the first ride of its kind in Chicago. Situated near the Centennial Wheel on the historic Navy Pier, FlyOver in Chicago boasts an ideal location along the city's popular waterfront.

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